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Our Practitioners


Gabrielle Fortier

Energy & Sound Healer

Energy healing is a beautiful way to boost your overall well-being by balancing your body's energy. It's all about clearing any blockages, restoring the natural flow of energy, and aligning your mind, body, and soul.

During a session, you'll experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation as we clear away stagnant energy and help energy flow freely throughout your entire being.

Every session is customized to meet your unique needs, creating a safe and sacred space for healing and growth. It's a wonderful opportunity to find inner peace, clarity, and a renewed sense of well-being.

Krystal Appleby

Acupuncturist + TCM Pracitioner

Initial assessment + Treatment 90 min: $180


Follow-up Acupuncture 60 min: $108


Billable under Registered Acupunctuist & Krystal can direct bill to most insurance companies.


Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal therapies are available & can be recommended during appointments. 


intuitive Hypnotherapy available upon request for current patients only. 

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