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Conscious Connected Breathwork Journey


Discover Your Inner Depths

Conscious Connected Breathwork Journey invites you to embark on a profound exploration of self-discovery and transformation. Through the power of conscious breathing, guided by an experienced facilitator, you'll dive deep into the depths of your being, unravelling layers of mental, emotional, and physical tension. This class provides a safe and nurturing container for you to release what no longer serves you and integrate on multiple levels of consciousness.

Unlock Profound Insights

As you surrender to the rhythm of your breath, you'll journey beyond the confines of ordinary awareness, tapping into non-ordinary states of consciousness where profound insights and healing can occur. With each inhalation and exhalation, you'll peel away the barriers that obstruct your true essence, allowing clarity to emerge and illuminate your path forward.

"This class is more than just a breathing exercise"

Reconnect with Your Inner Wisdom

This class is more than just a breathing exercise; it's an invitation to reconnect with your inner wisdom, rediscover your inherent resilience, and catalyze positive change in your life. Whether you're seeking healing, personal growth, or simply a deeper understanding of yourself, Conscious Connected Breathwork Journey offers a sacred space for profound self-exploration and empowerment. Join us and breathe your way to transformation.

Your Facilitators


When :

Saturday, April 20th

1:00 - 4:00 PM

Where :

7702 18th Ave, Coleman AB

Investment :

$50.00 +gst

Reserve Your Spot

Join us on this transformative journey with Brandon & Jen and experience the power of conscious breathing firsthand.

Embarking on a breathwork journey with Brandon and Jen was an incredibly transformative experience. From the moment I began, I felt enveloped by their unwavering support and guidance, which allowed me to fully surrender to the process. The journey itself was nothing short of profound; each breath felt like a step towards releasing layers of tension and emotion that I had been carrying. With Brandon and Jen's gentle encouragement, I was able to delve deep within myself, confronting and releasing what no longer served me. The sense of liberation and lightness I felt afterwards was indescribable.

- Alyssa Mayer (Co-Owner of Aura Studios)

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