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Fall Into Bliss:
October Mindfulness & Movement Challenge

Step into the embrace of autumn with our "Fall Into Bliss" October Mindfulness & Movement Challenge! It's a celebration of the season, a journey of self-love, and an opportunity to connect with your beautiful self and an amazing community of kindred spirits.

1. Autumn's Embrace: As the leaves change, so can we. Embrace the transformative energy of fall as you nurture your body and spirit in our cozy, welcoming studio.

2. Body Love Affair: Let's make one thing clear - your body is incredible, just as it is. This challenge is all about body love, empowerment, and honouring your unique journey.


3. Mindful Movement Magic: Prepare to be nourished by our blend of mindful movement practices. From gentle yoga to invigorating barre, each session will leave you feeling alive, refreshed, and deeply connected to your beautiful self.


4. Friendship Discount:  Sign up with a friend and share the joy! Both of you will enjoy $10 off because happiness is better when shared. Strengthen your bond and celebrate each other's unique journeys. *Email Aura Studios with the name of your partner(s) and we'll send you your discount code!

5. Community Connection: Our studio is a haven of warmth and support. Share your experiences, make new friends, and create lasting connections with kind souls who are on this transformative journey with you.


6. Prizes and Surprises: Completing the challenge could earn you amazing prizes, but the true reward is the deeper connection to yourself and your community that you'll carry forward.

7. Fall into Self-Care: This challenge isn't just 30 days; it's the beginning of a lifelong commitment to self-love, self-care, and embracing the magic of each moment.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

Join "Fall Into Bliss" for just $99 or $89 each when you and a friend take the plunge together. Let's cherish this season of change, love, and connection as we move and breathe together in harmony. Your journey to bliss begins here – and it's bound to be a beautiful one! 

*Email Aura Studios with the name of your partner(s) and we'll send you your discount code!

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