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Chelsea M.

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After my kids were born I started to struggle with anxiety more than ever before. I remember being resistant to even going to yoga when a friend would invite me, it felt so far out of my safety zone. However, the first time I gave in and went to a class, it changed my world and I started practicing every day. It reconnected me to my body, which I realized I hadn’t actually felt was mine ever before. In conjunction with a few other spiritual endeavours, it has helped me rediscover who I was aside from being a mom.

I’m drawn to teaching slower flows with the option to challenge your body if you want but also to take your time to feel each moment & movement and be open and receptive to what your body is communicating.

A part of me also really likes to teach classes where you might kind of hate me halfway through... but by the end, you feel so great in your body you forget that you hated me 20 minutes ago!

I like to think my classes are warm and welcoming, allowing you to be yourself, be playful and have fun or maybe even allow some tears to flow. Where ever you’re at in each moment, I’m here to help you feel supported and at home within yourself and the community!

I’m a certified 200 hr yoga instructor and have studied shamanism for a number of years. Outside of the studio, you can find me adventuring with (or without) my kids, obsessing over my chickens and bees or constantly finding new random skills to learn.



Aura Studios is proud to collaborate with local leaders in the field of mindfulness & movement.


7819 17th Ave Coleman, Alberta

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